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In 2008 the first success, LR1-2 f prototype year subsequently developed the LR1 and LR1-4-2 w f models. 
Was incorporated in 2010, the general taxpayer (after capital increase in 2012, the registered capital of RMB 1 million), begins to optical fiber fused cone machine batch production and sales. 
After more than 2012 technology upgrades to improve, enhance the stability of the equipment and the production efficiency, the same year won four national patents, and exported to foreign markets such as India. 
With the continuous development of optical fiber communication industry, the optical network communication, as predicted by more and more widely used. As an important part of the industrialchain, melt pulling taper fiber coupler also ushered in the new development opportunity. The FBT coupler manufacturer in order to meet the development opportunity, urgently needs additional or replacement new cone machine, to ensure the quality to the production and supply in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. 
Shenzhen lang and technology co., LTD focus on parallel type melt cone machine manufacturing, lasted more than five years, through the use of dozens of users at home and abroad and feedback, continuous improvement, our company also launched at the end of 2013 the excellent performance of FY series new cone machine. New cone machine has good stability, high precision equipment service life, easy maintenance, greatly reduce the user cost of equipment used. Form a complete set of advanced production technology andequipment of high stability, easy to achieve the high performance requirements of production, not only bring the high production efficiency and high yield, reduces the cost per unit of the device, also for the user friends get absolute advantage in the fierce market competition. 
Company uphold the business philosophy of integrity, win-win and long-term development, focus on the user's concerns, in line with the aim of excellence, is committed to building the best cost performance of cone machine, for each user and realize the continuous development of optical fiber communication industry. 
The company always adhere to the service first, customer supreme principle, in addition to providing optical fiber fused taper machine equipment and installation and debugging, also provide customers with one-stop service solution: a full set of FBT optical divider production personnel's technique training, guidance, raw material supply information, fixtures and equipment supply and other services. 
FY series cone machine can not only efficient production of conventional devices, small size coupler, multimode coupler thereof, and can also achieve some purposes, such as enterprise has some technical advantages, the introduction of modified low power can be used in the production of beam splitter and polarization-maintaining devices, etc. 
Welcome new and old customers advisory friends come to negotiate, and seek common development! 

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